The Differences between Wild Dunes Resort and Kiawah Island SC

Wild Dunes Resort on the Isle of Palms in South Carolina and Kiawah Island are the two most popular vacation destinations located on the South Carolina coast in the Charleston SC market. While both offer luxurious beachfront accommodations, beautiful scenery, and a similar variety of outdoor activities, there are several key differences between the two…

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The Best Tennis Neighborhoods in Charleston SC

The best tennis neighborhoods of Charleston SC – The state of South Carolina is known for being one of the biggest and best tennis states in the US. There is a massive tennis industry in this great state, and none more than in Charleston. In fact, Mount Pleasant has been called the 2nd biggest tennis…

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Comparing 3D Virtual Home Tour Platforms

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) market will be a $200 Billion dollar business by 2021. As a real estate agent who also happens to be a media arts graduate, I am probably fairly unique in providing perspective into the best technologies for real estate and media. I am by no means an expert…

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The Best Luxury Neighborhoods of Myrtle Beach SC

Luxury obviously could mean something different from one person to the next, but as it pertains to luxury real estate most people associate large palatial estates, with larger than necessary homes, oftentimes in gated communities, waterfront, golf courses, phenomenal amenities, location and/or oceanfront. For the most part, you’d be right that is what everyone wants…

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Low Housing Inventory Creates Bidding Wars Again in SC

The real estate market is highly dynamic and subject to various changes based on inventory and demand. When inventory is low, the demand for properties tends to increase, which creates a competitive market and thus higher prices. The question is, what is the best time to sell when inventory is low? We will delve into…

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Whole Home Standby Generators Add Value To Your Home

In today’s world, where extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, and hurricanes appear to be intensifying, having a whole home standby generator is becoming increasingly popular. A standby generator is a backup power system that provides electricity to your home in the event of a power outage. It is an investment that not only…

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